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Posted on 05/14/17
Runtime: 1:02



Copyright © 2017 D.M.Weiss Productions
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Website :
  • Director : David M. Weiss
  • Cinematographer : David M. Weiss
  • Writers : Jason Levering, David M. Weiss
  • Producers : David M. Weiss, Candice Jean-Jacques, Jason Levering


A form of modern day child slavery still exists in Haiti. Itís called restavek and over 300,000 children live under these conditions. This is a fictional story of one such boy who must deal with forgiving his mother for giving him away and living under the harsh reality of being a servant. In his search for mental escape he turns to making a kap, which means kite in Creole. Unfortunately his moment of flight is soon dashed and once again, like so many other restaveks, he can only dream of flying away.